Enable Your Full Potential – Person X

Person X Antidote Checklist:

Person X is someone who:

Gets under your skin.

Takes up your headspace.

Knows which buttons to press.

Is adept putting you in difficult situations / predicaments.

Often surprises you with overt or covert dismissiveness / rudeness.

Is highly manipulative and able to defend their position.

You often end up doing things that you do not want to do or are highly resentful of doing at their behest.

Being around them is exhausting, trying to ignore them or pay them as little attention as possible.

Their presence has the potential to destroy a situation which you enjoy or need be present for.


In summary, you afford this person a significant amount of power over you to the point where you are either depressed or furious at the prospect of being around them. Your reaction is both frustrating and alarming and overtakes important aspects of your experience in the situation you share with them. Your virtual impotence at handling them makes the whole phenomena worse.

Person X Antidote Checklist: