The Missed Journey

You are here most probably because you are wondering what to do for your child who is about to step into the adult world and you are concerned that the world is going to do more moulding than it should rather than have the impact they could….

Consider the following points:

Do you feel like your child is lost rather than open to exploring?

Is your child only applying the minimum effort, but you know this is not because they are lazy.

Do you see a particular enthusiasm from your child in a pursuit that they are moving away from?

Do you sense a resignation to their choice of university, apprenticeship and or career?

When you ask them about what they have chosen to do, if they have, their responses are justifications that sound very sensible but are missing an enthusiasm you would hope for.

The feelings that you have, if they resonate with any of the statements above are entirely normal. It is hard to explain them. It is like hearing a concert from backstage, like visiting a gallery finding that the light is so low you can barely make out what you came to see, like visiting a beautiful walled garden that is locked…


“Engaging in sessions with Alex is always intriguing. It’s interesting trying to open your mind up to various viewpoints and tasks, however I find comfort knowing I am in safe and guiding hands. I find that I always end a session feeling relieved and aware that there is someone with my best interests at heart, and Alex very much does.”


“Hi Alex, I just wanted to say how grateful we are for the work you have done with Jamie. He is a different person, he is motivated, inspired and determined to work to get the place in Bristol University he always had dreamt of.”


“I cannot express enough gratitude for Alex and the incredible impact he has had on my family’s life. Years ago, I found myself at a crossroads, planning to return to work after a long period as a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to pursue something different from my previous corporate job, and Alex was fantastic in helping me navigate this transition. His guidance and support were instrumental in helping me find my new path.

Recently, I turned to Alex again, this time for my 18-year-old daughter who was feeling demotivated and lost. Once more, Alex exceeded all expectations. His approach, understanding, and dedication have been amazing. He has a remarkable ability to connect with young adults, helping them uncover their passions and gain clarity on their future. My daughter is now motivated and excited about her prospects, a transformation I attribute to Alex’s expertise and compassion.

I am incredibly happy I trusted Alex again. His consistent excellence in life coaching makes him an invaluable resource for anyone seeking direction and purpose in their life. Highly recommended!”


“I was desperate when my teenage son struggled to adapt after we returned from 10 years in South Africa. He had difficulty with the new school system, the pressure of sixth form, making friends, and fitting into the culture. 

A school parent recommended Alex, and the change has been incredible. From the start, Alex connected with my son, helping him build confidence and develop coping strategies. My son’s attitude towards school improved, and he began to embrace our new environment. 

Alex’s guidance extended to me as well, providing invaluable support for our family.

I am deeply grateful for Alex’s expertise and dedication. He brought peace and happiness back to our lives.

Thank you, Alex!